Don’t think I’ve forgotten. Unfortunately caringbridge & friend posts have updated me to the fact that Kylie’s progress has reached a plateau. She suffers from severe short-term memory loss and thus has a very difficult time staying on task, making learning new tasks almost impossible. Along with that her brain’s higher executive functioning has also been impaired, meaning that processing her emotions and filtering what she should and shouldn’t say is also difficult; and difficult for her family as well. I only just now discovered this video of her receiving the Texas Tough Award, and although the entire clip made me tear up, it was just too hard to watch her struggle through a completely scripted and not at all Kylie short acceptance speech. Her friend’s all say they’re beginning to see parts of Kylie come back to life, but I fear for her family and close friends that this may be the best it’s going to be for quite a while, and possibly forever.